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2021, Koski Development Platform

On-boarding of Andrew Koski Pushing Endeavors of Galactrum into Reality

This proposal is for three months of work at 9,000 ORE a month. The start date is August 1st, 2019 and ends on November 1st, 2019.

The Proposal Work includes the following;

Primary Objectives

  • Redevelopment of the Website (
    (Includes a completely new Graphical User Interface, SEO Optimizations and more.)
  • Outsourcing and Project Management of an iOS & Android Galactrum Wallet | Wallet will be in Alpha or Beta stages at the start of November. Will immediately start with wireframing of wallet when proposal is approved.
  • A completed use case that has the ecommerce hub integrated within the report.
  • An ecommerce hub products in Galactrum (ORE) Currency
    (Necessary for a proper use case.)

Secondary Objectives

  • Draft report showing overall custody of passwords, servers and more.
    (This will be utilized to create an Account and System Custodian Agreement which allows for redundancy with current custody owners.)
  • Draft report showing cyber security risks and mitigation techniques.
    (Will be utilized to prevent any type of DDoS attacks, etc.)
  • An airdrop which will take place with my new partner, Who is getting ready to launch and have a large marketing rollout.

Optional Objectives

  • Management of Social Media Profiles
  • Testing of an Galactrum (ORE) ATM machine.